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ZenWine: Wine with Kat The Shadow Side with Cornas Syrah

Domaine Lionett 2017 Cornas is the dark footed, saturated Syrah from the Northern Rhone that pairs to my emo, the shadow side. Life is a balance of light and darkness. Pleasure and pain.

I've lived in the dark for a long time, and it is time to come to the light. Focus on the joy of being alive, through the positive feelings and intentional living.

Cornas is the northern Rhone appellation that makes intensely saturated and long-lived wines. Expect a tasting and some wine education about grape growing and winemaking. Along with personal stories and lessons from the dark side.

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ZenWine: Wine with Kat Redefining Possibilities with Old Ghost Zin

This episode has some big news! We are launching a new branch of the business on Black Friday and we are delighted to birth this new branch of the business.

It is something that we have worked on for over a year and it has some big, juicy vibes. Also, some big, juicy vibes is the Klinker Brick 2020 Old Ghost Zin! From 100-year-old vines in Lodi, California. Join me for a tasting of this deep, sultry wine. It's like a hug in a glass. Cheers!!

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ZenWine: Wine with Kat Perfectly Imperfect with Mina Penelope Montepulciano Rosé

Life is imperfect! Today we taste the beautiful rosé of Montepulciano by the great Mina Penelope. This Mexican wine has expansive flavors of dragon fruit and wild strawberries with an undercurrent of mineral and herbs. It is a delightful wine featured in the fall release of The Triple Zen & The Enlightened wine clubs. It's a true honor to carry this wine!

We also do some shadow work in the sense that life is perfectly imperfect. The only way to live free in an imperfect world is to practice the ability to let go. Trust, Flow, Surrender, Let Go. A small meditation to close this show. Thanks for breathing and being here with me, now. Cheers.

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ZenWine Podcast: The Bad Girl & How Climate Affects the Style of Wine

The Patriarchy will not like this one. Welcome to the BAD girl episode! Here we get tangible and granular with how we can all tap into our own ‘bad girl’ selves and truly live from a place of intuition and power. We also touch on how cool climate regions differ from warm climate regions and how sugar and acid levels are directly related to the style of wine in the glass. As always, check out our fabulous wine clubs at Cheers!

ZenWine: Wine with Kat The Silent Treatment with Brook & Bull Cabernet Franc

The Silent Treatment with Brook & Bull Cabernet Franc. We all have those tough relationships in our lives. This is a deep dive into Kat’s childhood and how the messy middle is still effecting her relationship with family. The silent treatment is ok because we have healthy boundaries and a reconnected, healed nervous system. This episode mentions some real talk, tough stuff. Let’s bring our shadows to the light with Brook & Bull Cab Franc. Ashley Trout is Kat’s favorite winemaker in Washington State and we are ready for all the future has to offer. Cheers!!! Get more wine & wellness at

ZenWine: Wine with Kat 10 Years with Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs

What happens when Kat sits down to reflect on 10 years of marriage and partnership? Schramsberg Blanc de blancs! This North Coast premium sparkling wine was the first in America to come up with this style of wine and carries the name and legend for a reason. Kat is beyond pleased to bring you this gorgeous Champagne-like wine to The Enlightened wine club for fall. She also talks about what it means to her to be a mother, a wife and a career-motivated person in this crazy culture. Real talk here. Thanks for listening. Get more wine & wellness at

ZenWine: Wine with Kat How to Love with 2018 Gigondas

A female-driven estate in the Southern Rhone region brings us this intense and nuanced Gigondas! Domaine Gour de Chaule 2018 Tradition is 80% Grenache and remaining Syrah and Mourvèdre from the great granddaughter of the founder’s estate. It’s muscular, bright and meaty with red berries & wild herbs galore.

Expect a full tasting breakdown from this wine featured in the summer edition of The Grateful Reds club. Kat discusses the ways she set up this wine business to produce more joy than stress, and the learning lessons from failures along the way. What we end on is a poem from the mindful warrior on Digging Deep and How to Love. 🌅

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ZenWine: Wine with Kat Self Healing with Leah Jorgensen Malbec

Leah Jorgensen has been making wine in the Rogue Valley since 2011 and she is doing a fantastic job. Today's episode is the lifestyle and mindset shift it takes to be a self-healer and also, all things Leah Jorgensen. This wine is featured in the summer wine club of The Grateful Reds and please catch our IG live August 10th at 4:30pm PST. Find the wine club and other cool things at Cheers!!

ZenWine: Wine with Kat Kate’s Birth Story & Cutter Ashes to Ashes Dolcetto

Welcome back! First episode in a while and it's a doozy. This is Kate's birth story and I am so delighted to share a wine club wine while we dive into the complex, hard and nuanced story of my second daughter's birth. Enjoy and be sure to check out our wine club,

ZenWine: Wine with Kat Don Leo & Making a Difference

Hello my friends! Today’s wine is the magical Don Leo 2019 Cabernet Shiraz blend from the legend himself, Francisco Rodriguez Gonzalez! He is the best enologist in Mexico and he was kind enough to share 3 bottles of wine with me. It was a pleasure being part of the Mexico International Wine Competition and I am blown away at the quality, expressiveness and umami character of this wine. Also, take part in a small meditation to land in our bodies and use our breath as a vessel of hope, to move forward with strength, grace and solidarity.

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