La Spinetta & Creating Your Dream Life

A true dreamer is never satisfied with the ordinary. A true dreamer finds inspiration in the process of becoming, always seeking for the edge. Giorgio Rivetti is always seeking his edge.

Today’s wine and wellness teaching is brought to you by none other than La Spinetta; the charming Piedmont super star that’s drenched in passion, ingenuity and a relentless hunger for growth.

La Spinetta has charm and innovation deeply embedded into the family roots. Giuseppe ‘Pin’ Rivetti and his wife Lidia engrained the family with humility, respect and ambition. Known as a Piemontese superstar, the brand has passion drenched in every wine they produce. First, with the idea of a single cru status for Moscato; the semi-sweet sparkling sister that has the world under the Spinetta spell ever since. 1985 brought Barbera Ca di Pian followed up with the classic Pin, the Nebbiolo/Barbera blend that is a main player in international exports. This Monferrato Rosso is named some of the Best of the Lange and portrays the winery with firm grasp of the history, as well a strong focus on the future of the region.

Pin embodies the Spinetta style as a delightful blend of 65% Nebbiolo and 25% Barbera. This wine is all sour cherries, savory toasted oak and orange peel. It’s racy, forest action that tantra between power and elegance. The theme here feels like elements in a forest; the rustic Spinetta forest of dried leaves, damp earth and small red berries. Drink in the firm, tight tannins while the core of acidity washes over like the breeze through the trees. Medium toasted French oak barrels that yin the yang of what 30–70-year-old vines provide. The forest flair is met happily with hibiscus and a snap of eucalyptus that drinkers from all over could jump into. Pin shows how to push and pull in the energy of creating something special.

The Spinetta story is always getting better because an ordinary life and ordinary wines just won’t suffice. Take from the Spinetta lesson; find courage in pioneering, seek your edge and dream big.

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