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West Coast 4 Life

$420.00 on the 5th day of every 3rd month and a $1.00 sign-up fee

These wines are the classics, high density wines of California, Washington and Oregon that bring prestige to the table. If you’re looking to collect or cellar, or you want a stunning Tuesday night, choose West Coast 4 Life to ascend your wine experience. Find library wines here, that you won’t find elsewhere. Think Corison, Corliss, Lingua Franca and many, many more. We like to carry those happy vibes we get from the wines right into our life, so you’ll receive a wellness tidbit to chew on while you sip.

Welcome to West Coast 4 Life.

First payment: January 5, 2023

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+West Coast is the best coast! Enjoy a mix of 5 REDS and 1 white wine from California, Oregon, and Washington.

+Includes a digital booklet with tasting notes, wine specs and wellness tips.

+Discover the gems of California, Washington and Oregon, all top shelf wines that age like a charm or decant with a breeze. Best of the Best!