How to Taste like a Somm, The Mindful Wine Tasting Course


Whether we are ordering wine from a menu or designing the menu, the wine world can be dizzying and complex. The sheer number of wine choices in the market is enough to make a head spin!

The truth is that professional wine tasting isn’t just for Somm’s.

Wherever you are on your wine journey; this online, self-guided wine course has the exact formula on how to build confidence in your ability to taste and speak the universal language of wine.

Join Kat, WSET educator and wine industry veteran, as she guides you through one month of wine tasting, sensory practice, mindfulness and understanding wine from a whole new lens. Join our mindful tasting community!




Are you ready to taste elevate your tasting game?

This self-guided wine course gives the context to why the professionals taste (and blind taste!), what the goal is for tasting wine often, and how to speak the universal language of wine.

Be ready to learn the basics of mindfulness and the WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Level 2 Tasting Grid.

Connect to wine’s wisdom in this digital, 30 day wine course that will:

-Understand what makes a quality wine

-Practice tasting in a guided and productive way

-Build confidence in your ability to speak about wine

-Read, write, taste, explore and experience wine on a new level

-Expand your sensory knowledge

-Be the master of cause and effect for styles of wine

This course includes:

-Videos on how to taste

-Food and wine pairing & recipes

-What kinds of wines to buy

Instant access to the course content, live Q & A videos each month (send in your questions!) and have fun understanding wine on a deeper level and be a proud, confident wine taster!